The Best Canon DSLR Cameras

Best Canon DSLR Cameras

Which Canon DSLR is the ideal best for you relies upon factors like how you intend to utilize it, your present information on photography, what provisions are imperative to you, and obviously, your financial plan. In this article, we’ll investigate the best Canon DSLRs available in 2016, diagram which camera is great for you, and give you an overview of our top choices.

best canon camera

Canon has for quite some time been a forerunner in DSLR photography. Canon’s DSLRs have been utilized by everybody from complete novices to proficient picture takers and videographers. Open the sack of any picture taker or videographer and there is a decent possibility you’ll discover a Canon camera inside. Which Canon DSLR is the best for you relies upon factors like how you intend to utilize it, your present information on photography, what elements are essential to you, and obviously, your financial plan. In this article, we’ll investigate the best Canon DSLRs available in 2016, layout which camera is great for you, and give you a once-over of our top picks.

The 6 Best Canon DSLRs

  1. Canon 5Ds – The Best Canon Camera
  2. Canon 5D Mark III – The Best Canon DSLR for Video
  3. Canon 7D Mark II – The Best Canon Camera for Sports
  4. Canon 6D – The Best Valued Full Frame Camera
  5. Canon 80D – The Best All-Around Canon Camera
  6. Canon T6i – The Best DSLR Under $1000

Canon DSLRs: Beginner to Advanced

Find out which camera is best for you it assists with realizing which provisions are accessible on various degrees of cameras. A passage-level DSLR can take great pictures and might be incredible for individuals who are simply getting into photography, however, it might do not have a few components that experts need. And keeping in mind that an expert level DSLR dominates at the picture quality and low-light execution, it might not have a portion of the programmed settings that assist with peopling who are simply getting everything rolling. Considering that, how about we investigate a portion of the elements in the various degrees of Canon DSLRs.

Beginner Canon DSLRs

Yield sensor

Can be shot in manual, self-loader, or completely programmed modes, making it simpler for novices to get everything rolling

Regularly has less self-adjust focuses, making self-adjust increasingly slow exact

Ordinarily marginally more modest, making them simpler to hold

Not as rough as further developed bodies

Most economical (under $1,000)

Model: T6i

Intermediate Canon DSLRs

Might be a crop sensor or full-outline

Has manual and self-loader modes

Has expanded self-adjust focuses for better centering capacities

Might be bigger and heavier than fledgling bodies

Ordinarily rougher than novice bodies

Respectably valued ($1,000-2,000), may permit room in the financial plan for better focal points and different embellishments

Models: 80D, 7D Mark II, 6D

Advanced Canon DSLRs

Full casing sensor
Has manual and self-loader modes
Has expanded self-adjust focuses for better centering abilities
Bigger cameras are heavier to hold yet give more control in the hands
Further developed roughness and climate fixing, worked to confront the mileage of weighty use
Generally costly ($2,000+)
Models: 5Ds, 5D Mark IV

Canon 5Ds – The Best Canon Camera


Canon 5Ds

Proficient picture takers for whom the goal is above all else should look no farther than the 5Ds. This current camera’s 50.6 MP full casing sensor has twice as numerous megapixels as its closest rival, the 5D Mark III, making it the best Canon DSLR for photography (however since the 5D Mark IV is out, this has changed a bit). In the event that the main thing to you in a camera is the capacity to take ultra-high goal pictures that can be printed perfectly clear and incredibly enormous, the 5Ds is the smartest choice.

Since the 5Ds makes the first spot on our list because of its amazing sensor doesn’t imply that it’s boss in all ways. This camera is like the 5D Mark III (counting video capacities and self-adjust framework) yet it doesn’t stand up very also with regards to things like max burst rate and low light execution.

Photographic artists who are basically worried about taking extremely high-goal photographs will cherish the 5Ds in light of the fact that it gives the most noteworthy goal photographs in the Canon setup. Photographic artists who need high-goal pictures in a more modest, lighter bundle ought to likewise consider the Sony alpha a7RII full edge mirrorless camera, which shoots 42.4 MP photographs. The individuals who are careless with regards to goals and need quicker burst speeds and higher ISOs might need to investigate the EOS, 1D X.


Canon 5D Mark III – The Best Canon DSLR for Video


Canon 5D Mark III

The 5D Mark III is one of Canon’s incredible cameras for still photography and Canon’s best DSLR for video. While the 5D Mark III’s 22.3 MP sensor can’t measure up to that of the 5Ds, it is still incredible enough to be the decision of numerous expert photographic artists. Except if you’re anticipating exploding your photographs to board size, those 22.3 MP are bounty! The 5D Mark III has a decisive advantage over the 5Ds here and there including its quicker blasted rate (6 FPS versus 5 FPS during the 5Ds) and greatest ISO abilities (25,600 versus 12,800 during the 5Ds).

The 5D Mark III’s video abilities settle on it a famous decision with genuine videographers. With the capacity to shoot 1080p video at 30 FPS and unimaginable low light execution, the Canon 5D Mark III sparkles with regard to making motion pictures.

This camera might be a little behind the video capacities of cameras like Sony’s Alpha a7SII yet it compensates for its lower video goal and absence of a flip screen with things like quick self-adjust, very sharp pictures, and the capacity to take amazing stills photographs.


Canon 7D Mark II – The Best Canon Camera for Sports


Canon 7D Mark II


Photographic artists who fundamentally plan to shoot competitors, birds in flight, and other moving articles should look no farther than the 20.2 MP 7D Mark II. This yield sensor camera was intended to furnish sports and untamed life photographic artists with every one of the instruments they need to take astounding photographs of articles moving. With 65 cross-type self-adjust focuses (more than some other camera on our rundown) and the capacity to shoot still photographs at burst rates up to 10 FPS, this is Canon’s best camera for catching sharp pictures of rapidly moving items.

The 7D Mark II comes up short on the full casing sensor of the 5D Mark III however it compensates for it its capacity to shoot 1080p video at 60 FPS and effectively lock center around objects moving. While the 7D Mark II is a camera that can be utilized and valued by pretty much anybody, it is the picture takers that truly need these very exact self-adjust capacities and quick burst speeds who will profit from this camera the most.

The 7D Mark II’s nearest rival in the Nikon arrangement is the fabulous D500, which offers higher video goals, and more self-adjust focuses yet additional retails for $500 more.


Canon 6D – The Best Valued Full Frame Camera


Canon 6D

Photographic artists who need a full edge camera with plenty of components at a respectable cost will be very much served by the Canon 6D. Try not to be tricked by the way that this is Canon’s most reduced valued full edge camera—it is a decent alternative for pretty much anybody. Regardless of whether you need to take the leap from a harvest sensor camera into full casing DSLR photography or you are searching for an incredible camera for taking completely clear recordings, the 6D has you covered.

This 20.2 MP camera shoots 1080p video at 30 FPS, has a maximum blasted pace of 4.5 FPS for stills, and discovers center utilizing an 11-point self-adjust framework. Those details might not hope to compare to the vigorous contributions of the 5D Mark III yet don’t be tricked—this is a truly incredible camera at an excellent cost. The 6D is a camera that is available for fledglings, is adequate for professionals, and can develop with you as you move further alongside your photography. Without a doubt, it may not be very comparable to the 5D Mark III, yet it costs more than $1,000 less. An exceptional picture taker who is hoping to make significant upgrades to their pack (both body and focal point) ought to think about putting that additional cash toward a great focal point.

The 6D contents are straight on with Nikon’s fabulous D610. The decision between the two might boil down to individual brand inclination and what gear you currently own.


Canon 80D – The Best All-Around Canon Camera


Canon 80D

At the point when you consider things like video abilities, self-adjust focuses, outline rates, and cost, Canon’s 80D is the overall champ. This 24.2 MP crop-sensor camera has 45 cross-type self-adjust focuses, takes 1080p video at 60 FPS, and shoots stills at a pace of 7 FPS. Since it was delivered more as of late than a portion of the cameras on our rundown (like the 5D Mark III), it has highlights that are commonly seen in fresher cameras—including a flip screen and WiFi abilities. Picture takers, videographers, and vloggers who need a camera that impeccably finds some kind of harmony among elements and worth love the 80D. This camera can do everything—and it is the best Canon camera under $1,200.

The greatest downside of the 80D contrasted with others in the Canon lineup is its absence of a full edge sensor. Picture takers who truly need a full edge camera ought to likely consider the similarly evaluated 6D—yet they will get a more slow self-adjust framework and fewer megapixels. The main concern here is that transitional level picture takers who truly need a full casing camera will adore the 6D however the people who place a need on the wide range of various fancy odds and ends will see the value in the 80D’s cutting edge contacts and flexibility.

In the event that you like the 80D and will fork out somewhat more money, consider Panasonic’s Lumix GH4 mirrorless camera which offers 4K video capacity in a more modest bundle.

Canon T6i – The Best DSLR Under $1000

Canon T6i

Canon’s Rebel line has for some time been the section point for some hopeful photographic artists and the current model, the T6i, is the most impressive form yet. This is the best Canon DSLR for fledglings who need to check photography out and in light of the fact that it costs under $800, it is a moderate method to get everything rolling. The T6i is has a 24.2 MP crop-sensor camera and a 19-point self-adjust framework, making it a great choice in the passage level market. A three-inch flip screen and the capacity to shoot 1080p video at 30 FPS implies that it’s likewise extraordinary for video. While the T6i can be worked in full manual mode, it likewise has complete and self-loader settings for the people who are simply learning their direction around a camera. This might be the least expensive Canon DSLR on our rundown, however, that doesn’t mean it’s not deserving of a spot in your pack!

The T6i’s nearest rival in the Canon arrangement is the 80D and keeping in mind that it does not have the quick casing rates and powerful self-adjust arrangement of its elder sibling, it likewise costs many dollars less. Picture takers who are searching for the least expensive Canon DSLR that is as yet a profoundly proficient piece of gear should look no farther than the T6i. The individuals who need a harvest sensor camera with quicker self-adjust and outline rates should ponder getting an 80D.

The T6i contends straightforwardly with Nikon’s D5500 and has a higher unique reach, better execution at high ISOs, and a somewhat lower cost.


Picking the best DSLR from the Canon arrangement can be a test and things settle the score trickier when you toss cameras made by different organizations in with the general mish-mash. Our total correlation guide of the canon T5 versus T5i might assist you with gauging your alternatives considerably more. You can likewise look at our Canon examination articles including the 6D versus 5D Mark III, the 70D versus 7D, the Canon 5D Mark II versus 6D, or the Canon 7D versus 6D. With every one of the various choices accessible, now and then the most ideal approach to settle on a choice is by getting your hands on the actual cameras. Leasing a camera before you get one allows you to see which highlights you can—and can’t—live without. Whatever your photography objectives are, there is the ideal camera out there for you. We trust that this aide made tracking down your next camera somewhat simpler!

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