The Best VR Headsets for 2022

Best VR headsets to buy in 2022

Virtual reality tech is in somewhat of a change point. The recently renamed Meta (formerly Facebook) has another VR headset coming one year from now that will empower blended reality and face following (yet be more costly), and Sony is delivering its PS5-associated PlayStation VR 2, which will have its own new regulators and conceivably have eye-following. Apple is relied upon to have a type of VR/AR headset before the following year’s over, as well, however, what it will cost or do stays a secret. In the interim, phone-associated headsets like the HTC Vive Flow might start to spring up too.

All that said, VR doesn’t have numerous commonsense business utilizes yet. Of course, VR innovation is progressing quickly, yet at this moment, maybe its firmest traction is in the gaming market. Truth be told, this amazing innovation is presently best used to play computer games. Indeed, the Oculus Quest 2, which is an incredible home VR console, is one of my favorite spots to mess around.

Assuming you’re a gamer hoping to enter the VR space, the Quest 2 remaining parts are our top pick, particularly with a new expansion in storage to 128GB on the $299 model, despite the fact that you want a Facebook record to utilize it. The Quest 2 likewise stays a solid section highlighting VR that doesn’t appear as though it will become out of date one year from now.

Far superior is that VR games are the best they’ve at any point been. We’ve been dazzled by Valve’s VR work of art Half-Life: Alyx, Star Wars: Squadrons on PC, and a lot of Oculus Quest and PlayStation VR games, as well. However, you actually need to conclude whether you need a headset that plugs into your PC or console or picks an independent choice like the Quest


Oculus Quest 2: Best standalone VR

  • Next-level Hardware – Make every move count with a blazing-fast processor and our highest-resolution display
  • All-In-One Gaming – With backward compatibility, you can explore new titles and old favorites in the expansive Quest content library
  • Immersive Entertainment – Get the best seat in the house to live concerts, groundbreaking films, exclusive events, and more
  • Easy Setup – Just open the box, set up with the smartphone app, and jump into VR. No PC or console is needed. Requires wireless internet access and the Oculus app (free download) to set up the device
  • Premium Display – Catch every detail with a stunning display that features 50% more pixels than the original Quest
  • Ultimate Control – Redesigned Oculus Touch controllers transport your movements directly into VR with intuitive controls
  • PC VR Compatible – Step into incredible Oculus Rift titles by connecting an Oculus Link cable to a compatible gaming PC. Oculus Link Cable sold separately
  • 3D Cinematic Sound – Hear in all directions with built-in speakers that deliver cinematic 3D positional audio

Product information


The Oculus Quest 2 enhances the original headset in nearly all ways imaginable, and at a more affordable cost. It’s the best $300 VR headset for beginners and experienced clients the same.

The Oculus Rift was the primary large name in the current influx of VR, and Oculus is as yet a major part of the category. The organization’s withdrawing from the committed, fastened VR headset, however, suspending the Rift S in favor of zeroing in completely on the independent Quest 2. This doesn’t mean you can’t appreciate PC VR on the organization’s new headset; you’ll simply have to get an accessory link for it.

Oculus Quest 2

The Oculus Quest 2 is a $300 independent VR headset controlled by the Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 chipset, an impressive redesign in control over the original Quest and its Snapdragon 835 chipset. It offers an exhaustive VR experience in a solitary bundle without any wires required (but to charge the headset), and at present gives the most noteworthy goal of any shopper VR headset at 1,920 by 1,832 for every eye. It has two movement controls for full 6DOF head-and-hand movement following and offers a shockingly powerful library of VR software in its onboard store.

However, this doesn’t mean you can’t appreciate fastened VR with the Quest 2. The $79 Oculus link is a five-meter USB-C link that allows you to associate the Quest 2 to your PC and use it very much like the fastened Rift S to play PC-explicit VR games like Half-Life: Alyx. The link is costly, however considering the Quest 2 is $100, not exactly the original Quest, it actually ends up as a winner in esteem even in the wake of adding the accessory.

Sony PlayStation VR: Still worth it for the games

About this item

  • Contains: PlayStation VR headset, Processor unit, PlayStation VR headset connection cable, HDMI cable, USB cable, Stereo headphones, AC power cord, AC adaptor, PlayStation VR Demo Disc
  • Games Come First – With gamers in mind, PlayStation delivers a new world of unexpected gaming experiences through PlayStation VR
  • Just Plug and Play – Getting into PlayStation VR couldn’t be easier. Just plug the PlayStation VR headset and your PlayStation Camera into your PlayStation 4 system. Sold separately
  • Advanced VR Display – Seamless visuals keep you connected to the virtual world through an expansive 5.7” OLED 1080p display running at up to 120 frames per second
  • 3D Audio Technology – 3D Audio with PlayStation VR means that you’ll be able to pinpoint sounds above, below, and all around you

Product information

The Sony PlayStation VR headset brings strong, convincing virtual reality, with movement control support, to the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5.

The PlayStation VR is convincing because of Sony backing its turn of events, in addition to the PlayStation 4’s affordability and accessibility compared with gaming PCs. All you want is the headset, a PlayStation 4, and a PlayStation Camera (presently included with most PlayStation VR groups). PSVR’s likewise viable with the PlayStation 5, yet you’ll have to demand a free connector from Sony for the PlayStation Camera to work.

Sony PlayStation VR: Still worth it for the games

There are some incredible games on PS VR like Moss, Rez Infinite, Until Dawn: Rush of Blood, and Five Nights at Freddie’s: Help Wanted. Numerous PlayStation VR games work with the DualShock 4, so you don’t require movement controls. Notwithstanding, those movement controls are the place where the PlayStation VR falls behind; the headset actually utilizes the PlayStation Move wands from the PlayStation 3 time, and they aren’t nearly pretty much as competent or comfortable as the Oculus Touch regulators. They’re likewise costly, and not generally remembered for PlayStation VR groups.

Sony is working on another PlayStation VR framework for the PlayStation 5, with upgraded regulators. The new headset hasn’t been uncovered at this point, yet the organization has delivered a review of the new regulators.


Valve Index VR Kit: Best PC VR to explore the future of VR controllers

Product Description

  • Only Includes Headset (Controllers and base station purchased separately) Visual clarity isn’t just about panel resolution.
  • Multiple attributes contribute to how clearly and comfortably you see details in VR.
  • Optimized pixel layout The headset’s dual 1440×1600 RGB LCDs provide 50% more subpixels than OLED, resulting in greater sharpness for the same rendering cost.
  • In addition, the fill-factor is three times better than OLED, greatly reducing the “screen door” effect. Higher frame rates The Valve Index Headset runs at 120Hz with full back-compatibility to 90Hz, as well as an experimental 144Hz mode.
  • Higher framerates improve realism and optical comfort, allowing longer and more comfortable play sessions.
  • Extremely low persistence Valve Index displays have a reduced illumination period of 0.330ms to 0.530ms (framerate dependent), allowing imagery to remain just as sharp when your head is in motion as when you’re standing still.
  • This is a 5x improvement over first-generation PC VR HMDs. Tech specs Display Dual 1440 x 1600 LCDs, full RGB per pixel, ultra-low persistence global backlight illumination (0.330ms at 144Hz) Framerate 80/90/120/144Hz Optics Double element, canted lens design Field of View (FOV) Optimized eye relief adjustment allows a typical user experience 20º more than the HTC Vive Inter-pupillary Distance (IPD) 58mm – 70mm range physical adjustment Ergonomic Adjustments Head size, eye relief (FOV), IPD, speaker positions.
  • Rear cradle adapter included. Connections 5m tether, 1m breakaway trident connector. USB 3.0, DisplayPort 1.2, 12V power Tracking SteamVR 2.0 sensors, compatible with SteamVR 1.0 and 2.0 base stations Audio Built-in: 37.5mm off-ear Balanced Mode Radiators (BMR), Frequency Response: 40Hz – 24KHz, Impedance: 6 Ohm, SPL: 98.96 dB SPL at 1cm.
  • Aux Headphone Out 3.5mm Microphone Dual Microphone Array, Frequency response: 20Hz – 24kHz, Sensitivity: -25dBFS/Pa @ 1kHz Cameras Stereo 960 x 960 pixel, global shutter, RGB

Brand Valve
Item Weight 16 Pounds
Platform SteamVR
Compatible Devices Personal Computer
Screen Size 6 Inches
Connectivity Technology USB
Field Of View 130 Degrees
The Valve Index is the most amazing buyer VR headset we’ve seen at this point, completely because of its revolutionary, finger-following regulators.
Valve’s own PC-fastened VR headset, the Valve Index, is one of the priciest. It costs $999 in the event that you purchase all that you really want for it to work (aside from the PC, obviously). That is hard to swallow, regardless of whether the Index includes a 120Hz invigorate rate, eminently higher than a large portion of its competitors (with a trial 144Hz mode). However, the Valve Index is right now our favorite fastened VR headset.
Valve Index VR Kit: Best PC VR to explore the future of VR controllers
Albeit the actual headset isn’t excessively amazing, its regulators are revolutionary. They can follow individual finger developments, making games (that exploit them) considerably more vivid than the standard trigger grasps on different regulators. It’s an extremely noteworthy innovation and wowed us enough to suggest this headset. The Index’s higher revive rate makes for smoother activity, too, which is another great reward. Assuming you as of now have an HTC Vive or Vive Cosmos Elite, and their base stations (not the regular Cosmos), you can purchase just the regulators for $280 to inhale new life into your VR experience without putting resources into the full Valve Index framework.
Assuming you need the most noteworthy goal VR experience, the HTC Vive Pro 2 is the headset to get. This top-of-the-line PC VR headset targets the two fans and experts, with the sharpest picture accessible at 2,448 by 2,448 pixels for each eye. It effectively offers the best visuals we’ve seen in VR up until this point. It’s likewise exceptionally expensive, at $799 for simply the headset; you actually need to add the base stations and regulators (yet on the splendid side, you can utilize the Valve Index regulators with it)

HTC Vive Pro 2

  • Visualize in 5K clarity-bring out the finer details with combined 4896 x 2448 resolution. 5K resolution may be subject to processing compatibility
  • See more of your environment-a wide 120 Degree field of view (FOV) expands the VR viewing experience. The increased angle better aligns with the human eyes, letting you see more naturally
  • Experience seamless visuals-increase your visual comfort in graphics-intensive games and apps with a 120Hz refresh rate
  • Enjoy VR with hours-on-end comfort-industry-defining balanced construction and adjustability provide a comfortable Fit for VR sessions of any length and purpose. The headset fits a wide range of head sizes and vision types, even glasses
  • Find your sweet spot-minimize eye fatigue with the IPD adjustment dial. Interpupillary distance (ipd)-the distance measured in mm between the centers of eye pupils

Product information

The Vive Pro 2 is the most elevated goal VR headset we’ve seen at this point, with a cost to coordinate. It’s worth considering assuming that you need the best VR experience accessible, and wouldn’t fret blending and matching parts.
HTC Vive Pro 2
The Vive Pro 2 (and Vive Cosmos underneath) works with SteamVR very much like the Oculus Quest 2 and has its own VR software store as Viveport. Viveport offers the Viveport Infinity enrollment that gives limitless admittance to VR encounters through a membership administration rather than individually software buys.

HTC Vive Cosmos: External Tracking Mod

  • External tracking Mod for use with Vive cosmos headset
  • Enables play with Steam VR tracking
  • Cosmos headset, controllers, and headset sold separately

Product information

The HTC Vive Cosmos VR headset is actually a great enhancement for the original Vive, however, it’s extravagant you actually need to manage a link.
The Vive Pro 2 (and Vive Cosmos under) works with SteamVR particularly like the Oculus Quest 2, and has its own VR software store as Viveport. Viveport offers the Viveport Infinity enlistment that gives boundless induction to VR experiences through a participation organization rather than independent software purchases.
For far better movement following, the Vive Cosmos Elite carries back outside base stations to increase how it follows your head and movement regulators, however, it’s more costly at $899.

The Big Question: Which VR Headset Is the Best?

Modern VR headsets currently fit under one of two categories: fastened or independent. Fastened headsets like the HTC Vive Pro 2, PlayStation VR, and Valve Index are truly associated with PCs (or on account of the PS VR, a PlayStation 4, or PlayStation 5). The link makes them a cycle inconvenient, however, putting all of the genuine video handlings in a container that you don’t have to straightforwardly tie to your face implies your VR experience can be much more mind-boggling. Either outer sensors or outward-confronting cameras give full 6DOF (six levels of opportunity) development following for both your head and your hands, on account of movement detecting regulators.

The most affordable fastened choices are right now around $400, and that is before you address the handling issue; the Valve Index, Vive Cosmos, and Vive Pro 2need pretty strong PCs to run, while the PS VR requires a PlayStation 4.

Independent headsets offer the best actual opportunity by totally eliminating the links and not needing an outside gadget to deal with handling. The Oculus Quest 2 uses similar outward-confronting cameras to the now-ceased Oculus Rift S to give 6DOF movement following, and similar 6DOF movement controls. The Quest 2 does not have a devoted gaming PC’s handling power, however, its top-of-the-line portable processor can in any case push itemized, smooth illustrations.


The recently rebranded-to-Meta Facebook may ultimately be pushing the Quest 2 and other Oculus gadgets much further, with a greater eye for expansive platform coordination. The organization’s arrangements to fabricate a “metaverse” will probably incorporate AR and VR frameworks, and the Oculus division would be the normal means for that. VP of AR/VR at Facebook, Andrew Bosworth, has expressed that the metaverse will “construct the connective tissue” between Oculus headsets and other Facebook/Meta gadgets, so they will surely be involved.

The metaverse is as yet an obscure idea, and Meta hasn’t been totally clear on how precisely it’s doing it. Our metaverse guide will assist you with getting what’s going on, in view of a couple of accessible subtleties.

Phone-Based VR

VR headsets that utilization your smartphone to fill in as both the minds and show of the framework were once ordinary, with Google Cardboard and the Samsung Gear VR letting anybody with a viable telephone get a VR experience for under $150.

These headsets have eased back to a stream, and Google has ceased its Daydream View headset while Samsung hasn’t refreshed the Gear VR since the Galaxy S9’s arrival. You can in any case track down modest shell headsets yet the software biological system and support for them is nearly nothing. For now, telephone-based VR is viably dead.

Best Augmented Reality Headsets

You may have seen some other well-known visual headsets spring up throughout the most recent couple of years, including the Microsoft HoloLens and the Magic Leap One. They aren’t on this rundown for a couple of reasons, yet the greatest one is that they’ve expanded reality (AR) headsets, not virtual reality headsets. What’s more indeed, there’s a distinction.

Fundamentally, these AR headsets have transparent focal points that let you check out your environmental elements rather than totally supplanting your vision with a PC-produced picture. They project pictures over whatever you’re taking a gander at, yet those pictures are intended to supplement and collaborate with the area around you. You can make an internet browser spring up in the center of a room, for example, or watch creatures go around your end table. Entrancing innovation could indicate the fate of figuring.

The accentuation here is on the future, as in quite a long while away. That carries us to the second most compelling motivation the HoloLens and Magic Leap One aren’t in this rundown: They aren’t buyer items. The two gadgets are simply planned as advancement hardware, so AR software can be made for their platforms. Considering every headset costs a few thousand dollars, you shouldn’t expect a large library of AR encounters for some time. Outside of explicit endeavor and instruction utilizes, AR headsets are an early adopter jungle gym, best-case scenario, and not for most clients.

In view of that, we’ll keep on following the best new VR headsets as they are delivered, so try to return soon for refreshes. Furthermore later you observe the right headset, look at our best VR games list.

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